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Our Five Core Community Programs

Giving back to the community

About Our Programs

Art & Creativity for Healing offers workshops at more than 35 non-profit program partners in Orange and San Diego counties, serving over 4,000 participants per year.

Our trained and certified facilitators share the unique Art4Healing® methodology and have helped tens of thousands of people use art as a tool for self-healing.

We invite you to read more about our Programs below. If you’re inspired and would like to help, 100% of your donations go to support our Non-Profit Partner Programs in the community!

homeless children and families program
Families in Crisis

Art4Healing® Creative Tools for Homeless Children & their Families

This Program offers Art4Healing workshops to homeless children and their families in crisis.

Participants create a series of abstract works of art that help surface their personal journey with homelessness. Through the process, they learn new and creative ways intuitively express their feelings and emotions. This Program is specifically designed to help with the stresses of life and coping without a permanent place to call home.

We also give 300 Healing Art Boxes to children in our “Creative Tools for Homeless Children & Their Families” program. Each box is valued at $25 and contains 10 new art supplies, including paint, paper, colored pencils, oil pastels, and other items. With these Healing Art Boxes, children will be able to continue to process their journey. 

You can help us with Healing Art Boxes!

vintage colors senior program
Art4Healing® for any age

Vintage Colors - Art4Healing® Over 60

This program offers Art4Healing® workshops to low-income & underrepresented seniors (age 60+). These seniors live with the specific needs & challenges of aging, including loneliness, grief, stress, fear, economic hardship or illness.

Our Program partner agencies offer group activities & senior wellness programs to low-income, economically disadvantaged seniors in Orange County. We offer workshops to supplement their existing offerings.

Since its inception, this Program has continually received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. One weekly participant states, “This class really helps me cope with the changes of aging. From the decreasing independence to the loss of my dog, this helps me start the week on a positive note.

Another expresses, “The topics pull out different emotions, show progress, & help me heal. I’m thankful for this program because it helps me express, heal, & move on to a new normal.

Remember, you can express your feelings with color at any age!

raging colors teen program
Helping Teens Express their Feelings

Raging Colors: Expressive Painting for Teens

This Program offers Art4Healing® workshops to at-risk students in these partner agencies:

  • OCDE ACCESS (Alternative, Community, & Correctional Education Schools & Services) Schools
  • Family Resource Centers of Orange County
  • Western Youth Services, & Girls Inc. Los Angeles

Our workshops introduce students to expressive art, where they create a series of abstract creations with paint. Our process gives teens a safe, creative place to reflect & share their experiences, frustrations, & struggles. Teens deal with many subjects, including exposure to drugs & alcohol, peer pressure, teen pregnancy, bullying, depression, & low self-esteem.

For many of these teens, their everyday lives are often stressful. They experience many difficulties, such as legal issues, foster emancipation, &/or homelessness.

Art4Healing® teaches teens that art can be a constructive part of their everyday lives. Teens can use art to communicate tough issues that have negatively affected them or derailed their emotional growth.

women survivors out of darkness program
Providing Healing to women

Out of Darkness: Women Survivors

The Out of the Darkness: Women Survivors program offers Art4Healing® workshops for women survivors of:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Human Trafficking
  • Assault
  • Emotional, Mental or Physical Abuse
  • Trauma

The workshops introduce participants to expressive art, guiding them through the process of creating a series of abstract paintings.  The Art4Healing process brings their personal journey with trauma to the surface while giving their pain a voice in a safe & nurturing environment. 

A Human Options Program Supervisor states: “This therapeutic art process helps the women at our shelter tap into emotions and feelings they have no words for. They share that the experience of healing through art made the process of their difficult situation easier to process and cope with.

Helping Our Military Heroes Heal

Healing for Heroes and their Families

This Program offers Art4Healing® workshops to three different groups experiencing the effects of deployments and war-related injuries:

  • Wounded Warriors at the Wounded Warrior Battalion – West on Camp Pendleton – These marines suffer from PTSD, TBI, and other combat-related injuries.
  • Children of the deployed at the San Onofre Elementary School on Camp Pendleton – These children deal with stress related to having an active-duty military parent who often serves multiple deployments.
  • Veterans – through Working Wardrobes Vet Net Power Up For Success program. This program provides active duty and veterans with tools & resources for professional development & transition to civilian life.


Art & Creativity for Healing also has an open-door policy for Veterans, as well as children & spouses of military personnel stationed at Camp Pendleton. We also provide free Art4Healing® workshops at our Laguna Hills studio.

We carefully created a distinctive curriculum designed to meet the needs of active military personnel and their families as well as Veterans. Our workshops deal with feelings associated with deployment, family separation, stress, resettlement, and/or injuries.

Read our feedback

What They're Saying

Read what some clients at our Partner agencies are saying about us!


This class was an awakening for me. I have never taken an art class. I loved this experience!

Senior Participant

Releasing Emotions

I, having experienced your classes, am still reeling from the capacity of release it provided for untapped–until that point in-articulated–obviously repressed traumatic energy I had.  This is still the feeling I have and it has been several years since I have taken the class. Because of my experience, and also my interaction with my residents here it is my belief that there would be a great connection, incredible engagement and awesome healing if the opportunity were made available.

Previous Domestic Abuse Shelter Participant

Takes Focus Off the Pain

ACFH comes to CHOC where I work. I love to see the kids get excited to do art. It really takes the focus off of pain and illness and puts it on fun and creativity…I highly recommend this program.

Ceecee - Counselor, CHOC

Structured and Safe

This class has provided a structured and safe venue for me to express my feelings. It provides a wonderful opportunity to air your grievances to a non-judgmental canvas.

Marine Base Camp Pendleton Participant

Expressing My Healing

This class has helped me express my healing process more than therapy itself (traditional therapy). Please keep this class going to help others as well!

Marine Base Camp Pendleton Participant

Pure Form of Expression

Art is a pure form of expression and revealing. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn about myself and others. This is a highlight in my healing.

Senior Participant

Most Revealing

This was the most intense and the most revealing! It was important to learn, express, and share with our amazing group.

Senior Participant

Healing and Bonding

Your work is wonderful and amazing and healing and bonding. We experienced all of that today and everyone enjoyed it so much. Thank you so very much…

J. Rosen - CEO/ Founder, Working Wardrobes

Helped Our Program

As Director of Behavior Intervention and Wellness programming for The Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, we have partnered several times with Art & Creativity for Healing with our patients, and we have loved collaborating with them! Their kindness and understanding of our children’s needs has helped our Wellness program move along in the right direction!

Kelly McKinnon-Bermingham, MA, BCBA Behavior Intervention Director
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100% of your donations go to support our Non-Profit Partner Programs in the community. Our operational costs are covered entirely through Certification, Studio Workshops, and online sales.

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